Fleur Fisher in her world

Fleur Fisher in her world

Fleur Fisher in her world

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Notes from a bookish life on the Cornish coast ...

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  • Fleur Fisher in her world

    In the middle of the 1920s ‘The Constant Nymph’, Margaret Kennedy’s second novel, was a huge critical and commercial success. It would become one of the best-selling books of the decade, it would be adapted for the stage and for the cinema. It was against that background, in the face of all the demands that […]

  • Fleur Fisher in her world

    I’m still making progress with this year’s kniting resolution. I made up a dozen bags of single skeins and leftover yarn and I vowed to use at least half of them before the end of the year. I am very close to my target: six projects knitted and five and a half bags of yarn […]

  • Fleur Fisher in her world

    ….. was one of those things I was going to do one day for a long, long time. I loved the idea of reading, but actually reading seemed a little scary. The book on the shelf looked so long, so profound, so serious. But in time the book and I moved closer. I blame the […]