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  • Dale & Co.

    Was I too hard on Sarah Wollaston in last week’s column? I’ve been asking this question ever since a rather terse tweet from the Totnes MP, which said something like: “Iain Dale has suggested I should examine my role in the Nigel Evans case, so I have.” Strangely, the tweet has been consigned to the twitter dustbin it seems. What I actually said was: “She no doubt felt she was exercising a duty...

    18/04/2014 - 20:50
  • Dale & Co.

    I’m writing this on the 11.30pm back to Tonbridge after a lovely evening with my three LBC producers, Laura, Matt and Axel at the Hippodrome. The reason? Today was my last day working with Laura Marshall after two years of working together, firstly on the evening show and for the last year on Drive. Laura came to LBC from talkSport two and a half years ago and we first started working together on...

  • Dale & Co.

    A play consisting of two Margaret Thatchers and two Queens and precious little else, well that’ll never work I thought when I first heard about HANDBAGGED . How wrong could I have been! I am not sure if HANDBAGGED is meant to be a relatively serious commentary on the relationship between the Queen and Margaret Thatcher, or a comedy. In truth it is both, and bizarrely it works. It could have gone...