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  • Dale & Co.

    Having been on holiday all week in Norfolk I am finding it slightly difficult to think of what to write about this week, so bear with me. * I am given to understand that while on his summer holidays in France, labour leader Ed Miliband has sprouted facial hair. How I would love it if he retained it. He would be the first party leader since Keir Hardie to sport a beard. Or am I wrong? * There,...

    8 hours ago
  • Dale & Co.

    This more or less sums up my response to the Ice Box challenge. When it started I thought it was fun, and it was. It raised awareness of Motor Neurone Disease and that is a good think. But it’s gone on too long now. So enough already. And yes I have donated.

  • Dale & Co.

    If each part of this diary column had its own headline, this one would be titled ‘Mayoroplane’. Back in 2008 in those halcyon days when Boris was a virgin mayor of London, he attracted his very own stalker. At every public event, or mayor’s questiontime, the same man would appear, muttering in a rather nasal tone. Boris could never quite make out what he was saying, but every utterance began with...