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  • The Crazy Kitchen

    I first came across this method of making a saucy pudding in late 2000, in a recipe booklet picked up in the hospital shop whilst attending a prenatal appointment during my first pregnancy. It was a recipe book full of 'Holiday Recipes', and as it was to be our first Thanksgiving and Christmas living in the US I decided that I needed to embrace the American life and try some of these alien...

    31/08/2014 - 17:56
  • The Crazy Kitchen

    I haven't made proper ice cream for a long time as I usually make the cheats version with cream and condensed milk that doesn't require churning in an ice cream machine. When I was invited to enter the Great British Chefs Summertime Bloggers Challenge, to cook up one of their Summertime Recipes , I decided to go for Simple Strawberry Ice Cream , a recipe by chef Graham Campbell, which I could...

  • The Crazy Kitchen

    I think we've seen the back of Summer for another year now. I can't believe that just a few short weeks ago people were complaining that it was too hot and now we're wondering whether August is too soon to put the heating on! If you've stocked up on ice cream cones over the summer but nobody wants ice cream as it's now too cold, then put the cones to good use and bake some cupcakes in them.