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News, archives and discussion on the class struggle. For human beings, not human resources.

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  • libcom.org

    CNT-1936.jpg A significant, to volume work by Robert Alexander, re-examining the role of the anarchists in the Spanish civil war and revolution, from their participation in the military to the management of substantial segments of the Spanish economy.

    20/08/2014 - 12:05
  • libcom.org

    CNT.jpg Extensive, three volume work by chronicling the history of the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT - "National Confederation of Labour"), the anarcho-syndicalist union and largest workers' union in Spain at the time during the Spanish civil war and revolution 1936-9.

  • libcom.org

    king083[1].jpeg Class conflicts and colonial expansion in the context of the Little Ice Age lead to the emergence of capitalist agriculture and the transformation of social relations on a world scale. From the point of view of agricultural transformation, the European enclosures and the plantation complexes in the Atlantic, Americas, and Western Pacific formed two sides of the same historical...