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Making it up

Making it up

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  • Making it up

    Tigerboy can speak. We have sentences. Prepositions even. He’s not always very clear, I suspect a lot of it wouldn’t be understandable outside the family. (Sometimes it isn’t within. ) There’s a deliberate time to it. Each word is pronounced separately, with a pause between them. But today we had “ice cream on top” and […]

  • Making it up

    Upside down And right side up

  • Making it up

    {mostly} lying down. Had a funny dizzy turn (no, not a fit) while sitting down in kitchen, and felt much better lying down. Probably only for a couple of hours, but it felt like the whole day. {running} before the dizzy turn. Though not immediately before. And only 0.8 miles. Slowly. I need to exercise. […]