Making it up

Making it up

Making it up

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  • Making it up

    Recently Britmums and Kelloggs All Bran supplied me with three boxes of new flavours of all bran. This was so I could take part in the All Bran 5 day challenge. Now, I’ve got to say, I’m not a fan of sweet cereal. So I wasn’t particlarly attracted to the idea of chocolate all bran. […]

    2 hours ago
  • Making it up

    A while back (quite a long while back) I was approached by Lost My Name book to do a review of their system. I confess I thought yeah, yeah, and didn’t get a round tuit. They persevered, and I’m really glad they did. I’ve seen personalised books before, and not been overly impressed. This is […]

  • Making it up

    The silence returns. He’s consolidating. And it will be well.