Mummy Vs Work

Mummy Vs Work

Mummy Vs Work

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Manic, mayhem & madness!

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  • Mummy Vs Work

    A few weeks ago a news article popped up on my BBC app that made me so annoyed that I decided to share it on our Facebook page. MP’s are to get a 9% payrise next year because ” they do an important job and should not be paid a “miserly amount”” Their pay will … Continue reading »

  • Mummy Vs Work

    We might be a house-proud nation but according to The Express, our five worst chores are cleaning the oven, ironing, cleaning the toilet, cleaning windows and cleaning the bathroom. If you dread cleaning and find that you’re spending far too much time with the mop and not enough on your social life, you might want … Continue reading »

  • Mummy Vs Work

    The summer holidays are finally over, autumn is well on its way and that means a new school year has begun. The term is but a few weeks old but already the mind of a parent might be close to meltdown – there’s so much to remember! Here’s how to prepare for the new school … Continue reading »