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    Douglas Carswell’s reputation as a straight talker has been somewhat strained by the scrutiny attendant to the Clacton by-election: He claimed that his local Tory party membership had increased by 40% — even though revenue from membership has dropped by the same proportion since 2010. His campaign predicted a “mass exodus” of members from Clacton Conservative Association — before just six people...

    22/09/2014 - 15:52
  • Political Scrapbook

    In his speech to Labour conference setting out priorities for what would be his first budget, Ed Balls found time to reference his football encounter with the Northern Echo’s Rob Merrick: “Boris [is] scrambling back to Westminster, preparing to elbow David Cameron out of the way. But the less said about elbows today the better.” Boom boom.

    22/09/2014 - 14:19
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    Politics raised a collective eyebrow last week with the Lib Dems attempting to bury the bad news of Mike Hancock’s resignation from the party under the Scottish independence referendum. A Lib Dem official was quoted claiming that Hancock had jumped before he was pushed: “Obviously, there was due to be a disciplinary hearing imminently, so before that has […]

    22/09/2014 - 12:12