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  • sturdyblog

    While today’s front pages are – entirely justifiably – the source of great anger and symptomatic of wider sexism, there is a danger of missing the full picture. The more we zoom into a thigh the less we see of the wider context. The more energy is expended on Esther McVey’s skirt – whether through […]

  • sturdyblog

    I’ve had a tiny pebble in my shoe all day. It has annoyed me since ten o’clock this morning. And yet I only just took it out. The pebble has wounded my foot. Just like the thought that next time I visit the home where I grew up, Mum may not recognise me, wounds my […]

  • sturdyblog

    I wrote the following precisely three years ago, on the Cameron/Coulson thing. It is worth repeating… And here is the biggest pork-pie of them all: It is unfair to tarnish David Cameron for doing the thoroughly decent thing and giving a man a second chance. The image of Cameron desperately pushed by Tory politicians and […]