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  • The Book Smugglers

    Hello! It’s Friday, which means we’re over at Kirkus. Today, Ana reviews Scale-Bright, the novella by Benjanun Sriduangkaew! And it’s fucking awesome, pardon my French. Go here to get the full story !

    22/08/2014 - 20:25
  • The Book Smugglers

    Title: The Rise of Aurora West Written by Paul Pope & J.T. Petty, Illustrated by David Rubín Genre: Horror, Science Fiction, Superheroes, Graphic Novel, Young Adult Publisher: First Second Publication Date: September 2014 Paperback: 160 Pages The extraordinary world introduced in Paul Pope’s Battling Boy is rife with monsters and short on [...]

  • The Book Smugglers

    As you probably know by now, Old School Wednesdays is a new weekly Book Smuggler feature. We came up with the idea towards the end of 2012, when we were feeling exhausted from the never-ending inundation of New and Shiny (and often over-hyped) books. What better way to snap out of a reading fugue [...]