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An Evolving Exploration into the Head, Heart and Hands of Energy Descent

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  • Transition Culture

    At this year's Political Studies Association International Conference in Manchester, Andrea Felicetti of the University of Canberra presented a paper called Radicals without rebellion? A Case Study on four Transition experiments . In it he explored "whether and how social movements can promote radical positions whilst refraining from adopting an oppositional approach". This was one of the first...

    22/04/2014 - 11:16
  • Transition Culture

    Aveiro em Transição is a Transition initiative in Portugal. When they heard we were looking for tales of the impact Transition initiatives see their work having, they sat a group of people down who are active in the initiative and asked them the question. Here's what they had to say. Jenny Tavares: O que é a Transição? O que é estar em Transição? Perguntei-me há um ano atrás e, dia após dia fui...

    22/04/2014 - 10:22
  • Transition Culture

    One of the most fascinating recent studies into the impact of Transition was Local Communities Leading the Way to a Low Carbon Society , a report published by AEIDL (Association Européenne pour l’Information sur le Développement Local. It looks at Transition, permaculture and ecovillage networks, what it calls the "Silent Revolution", "a potentially powerful driver of pro-environmental behaviour...