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Transition Culture

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An Evolving Exploration into the Head, Heart and Hands of Energy Descent

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  • Transition Culture

    Katrina Brown is a Professor of Social Sciences based at the Environment and Sustainability Institute at Exeter University. The three key themes her research centres on are Resilience, Vulnerability and Development, Dynamics of Change in Coastal Social Ecological-Systems and People, Poverty and Carbon. As someone who has published papers about community resilience, I was interested, in the...

    24/04/2014 - 09:37
  • Transition Culture

    Here's something we'd love your help with. How can we capture the impact of Transition in numbers? We've done our best with what we can find, and we'd love to know what you would add from your local initiative. Any numbers you can put to your impact? Number of meetings? Amount of funding? Amount raised in a share option? Number of carrots grown on a train station? It's over to you. Let us know...

  • Transition Culture

    At this year's Political Studies Association International Conference in Manchester, Andrea Felicetti of the University of Canberra presented a paper called Radicals without rebellion? A Case Study on four Transition experiments . In it he explored "whether and how social movements can promote radical positions whilst refraining from adopting an oppositional approach". This was one of the first...