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  • The blog Theatre

    There is more work than ever being staged across the country. We must be bolder about the choices we make in our coverage I had a heartfelt email from a small London theatre the other day asking why I hadn't been to review there in recent months. The theatre had a new play on by an unknown writer, but it was opening in a week crowded with openings. It's a good question to ask, because despite the...

  • The blog Theatre

    Eddie Redmayne still rings up his old drama teacher for advice. He's not alone among those in the performing arts It is perfectly possible that there are plenty of people whose maths or chemistry teachers have had an enduring influence on them. But I know that great drama teachers and youth theatre leaders often have a particularly far-ranging influence on their pupils. I almost certainly...

  • The blog Theatre

    People are used to congregating online, writes Cathy Westbrook , but how can theatre-makers capitalise on digital's potential for these audiences? Share your ideas The web and social media have long been seen as a way to sell theatre tickets, and the use of webcasting, led by NT Live , is extending audience reach. But the potential of "digital native" theatre has been tapped only by a few...