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A blog about science and art - and all the wonderful things in between.

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  • Kuriositas

    Image Credit Flickr Library of Congress Above: A young worker at the C & NW RR 40th Street shops, Chicago, Illinois, 1942. "I was interested in people not only as images, but also as human beings. In stories that they would tell me or interviews I had with them. It seemed to be it was an important part of what I was trying to communicate." - Jack Délano, Far From Main Street Image Credit Flickr...

    8 hours ago
  • Kuriositas

    Have you ever wondered how movie executives come up with their ideas (usually as you are sitting in a theater wondering why you just paid to watch the digital car crash taking place in front of your eyes? Look no further – here is a sneak peak in to the manoeuvrings of those wonderful people as they discuss the next big movie franchise – Boats. This (sadly, probably very true but very funny)

    28/07/2014 - 17:52
  • Kuriositas

    Professors at the Köln International School of Design in Germany wanted to see if they could transmit digital data using smoke signals - because . The result was this installation which they dubbed Binairy Talk . Air serves as the communication medium for binary code, as a carrier of data and information across a distance. And the message they chose to transmit? In a cheeky nod to the history of...