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    I’ve not waded that much into the debate on Scotland’s future, partly because I’ve been focusing on ISIS and partly because its not my fight. I support the Union but its up to the people of Scotland to decide and they’re unlikely to be persuaded by this random guy from London. But I’m perplexed by […]

  • Liberal Conspiracy

    Last night President Obama delivered a speech on how the United States would tackle the threat of ISIS. It rightly deserves a lot of parsing and discussion. There have broadly been two types of responses: "Oh no, the USA is back to fighting a war in Iraq again! This won't end well!" ... or... "Oh god, this won't do anything to destroy ISIS. The President isn't doing enough!" Both are wrong and...

  • Liberal Conspiracy

    The Independent's Partrick Cockburn writes : "West poised to join forces with President Assad in face of Islamic State". This is absolute rubbish. Not one British official is quoted saying they would work with Assad against ISIS. Not even anonymously . When the British Foreign Secretary was asked on Friday by the BBC if the UK was planning to work with Assad against ISIS, he said "No" outright.