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Planetary perspectives

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  • Mark Shuttleworth

    14.10 is a post-LTS release, which means we take the handbrake off and unleash ourselves to make big foundational changes that support the next wave of innovation and ultimately the next LTS. Because it's our chance to dream we'll codename it the "utopic unicorn", and I look forward to seeing everyone at vUDS where we give it shape, and figure out all the pointy bits.

    23/04/2014 - 18:16
  • Mark Shuttleworth

    Ubuntu is famous for "making things easy". That's just as important on the cloud as it is in consumer devices, and we bring the same user-centric design to command-line driven core OS environments on the cloud that drives our desktop, tablet and phone development. The result is a lightweight, clean and fast platform for developers and devops.