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  • The Red Ferret

    Always nice to find interesting little browser exercises, and Patatap is just such a toy. Nothing too sophisticated, more like a simple tune maker which combines visuals and sounds in an entertaining way. To play, press the spacebar to cycle through the sound and color palettes, and then press any key from A to Z and have fun. It’s a bit tricky at first to get the timing and sound triggers in...

    1 hour ago
  • The Red Ferret

    Bluetooth headphones are IN nowadays. Everybody wants to break out of the entangling cables mire, but there are still some who consider wireless headphones a waste of money because of the expense. Why not turn your existing wired earphones into wireless? Sounds interesting, right? The Smartbean Bluetooth Wireless Receiver will help you convert your wired misery into wireless bliss. This small...

    3 hours ago
  • The Red Ferret

    You know you’re in need of help, when it takes someone wielding the relaxation equivalent of a jackhammer to get you relaxed. Forget about those teeny tiny massage balls, what you really need is one of these puppies. The Professional Power Massager looks like it’ll knead its way through the earth’s crust, and the fact that it delivers 3300 rpm of relaxing pulsations suggests it actually could.

    22/04/2014 - 14:27