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  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    Hello youse! Sidibaba sidibaba. Sidibaba sidibaba sidibaba. Sidibaba. Sidibaba sidibaba sidibaba. Now, I know this looks like I’m just trying to flesh out my word count by repeating gibberish, the way a writer on Buzzfeed might do. But no, Sidibaba is actually the name of a board game. And it’s a really enjoyable word to [...]

    4 hours ago
  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    God game Crest sounds like a Peter Molyneux idea, and I say that with the greatest of affection. It’s the sort of thing he might idly muse about in an interview, not realising people might then expect that to appear in a game. Crest is a civilization-building strategy where players have no direct control over [...]

    5 hours ago
  • Rock, Paper, Shotgun

    In the second and final part of a conversation with Josh Sawyer of Obsidian (part one), we discuss how the design of Pillars of Eternity differs from Fallout: New Vegas. That involves a discussion of New Vegas’ post-release support, official and otherwise, and the pros and cons of traditional RPG systems. Of particular note – [...]

    6 hours ago