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    I have been asked to comment on James Galbraith’s review of Thomas Piketty’s book, Capital in the twenty first century, because Galbraith is critical of both the ideas and policy recommendations made in the book unlike, for example, Paul Krugman, who is broadly in agreement with Piketty’s thinking. Now I should stress I have still Read the Rest...

    3 hours ago
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    I am intrigued by reaction amongst the tax profession to what I wrote about Starbucks yesterday. You won't be surprised to know that those who have commented have said what I wrote was wrong. That always seems to be the case, so there was nothing new there. For the record, the error it was claimed Read the Rest...

    9 hours ago
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    The headline employment data today looks good. 239,000 new jobs. However, self-employment accounted for 146,000 of the increase. But as I have shown, firstly no one really knows how many self employed people there are and secondly, they earned an average of £10,400 each in 2011-12, on a steadily falling trend. These people will be Read the Rest...

    16/04/2014 - 15:14