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    Backpack Obviously Chanel or Mulberry are preferred but for those of us in the real world just grab the nearest two strap piece and add off-duty cool and instant street smarts to your day-to-day looks. Statement trousers Leather and denim take centre stage this season so splurge on leather pants and go to town with a pair of scissors on your favourite blue jeans – you wont regret the instant...

  • The Observer

    Bath-based luxury leather firm British Bag Makers are back on the rise after the shock of losing Mulberry contract last year Ever since George Osborne said he wanted a march of the makers to revive Britains fortunes, ministers have been falling over themselves to be photographed on factory floors. The message is that makers will be championed even more so if they ship their goods abroad. But any...

    30/09/2014 - 05:59
  • Scarlett London

    As the glass lift gently came to a holt and I stepped out into the floral filled atrium at Mulberry HQ I had to pinch myself…..this is actually my life. Invited to the Mulberry SS15 presentation on Monday afternoon, I could hardly wait to see the new collection and discover what leather luxuries I’ll be […]


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