A Stupid Idea

published 02/12/2012  by nerimon  YouTube
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  • Paul Krugman on Huffington Post

    America has come to the breaking point. Our ability to think our way to a solution is temporarily impaired thanks to the utterly devastating annihilation of reasonable economic ideas by the neo-liberal revolution. So before we rebuild the economy, we've got a job ahead of us to rebuild some ideas. Read more: Consumerism , Paul Krugman , Economic Recovery , Economics , The Story of Stuff ,...

    15/09/2014 - 10:37
  • SportsBreak

    After since the infamous All-Star Game tie of 2002, Major League Baseball decided that the winning team - American League or National League - would get home field advantage in the World Series that year. While it did make the game a bit more meaningful, it's still a terrible idea. SportsBreak writer George Kipling tells you why.

    15/09/2014 - 21:39
  • The Guardian

    Far from being mercenary nationalists, we are trying to move on from the markets blinkered definition of wellbeing Instead of the usual Jesus fans and animal rights champions, Edinburghs Princes Street has most recently housed the carnival-like yes camp: a movement of artisanal democracy lovers talking about possibilities and dancing to the Scottish indie band Kid Canaveral with fistfuls of...

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