A Stupid Idea

published 02/12/2012  by nerimon  YouTube
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  • Pakalert Press

    A teenager peed into one of Portland, Oregon's drinking water reservoirs – a 38-million gallon repository of good, potable H2O – and now the city intends to drain it. This is a very, very dumb idea

    23/04/2014 - 10:45
  • Caroline's Breast Cancer Blog

    So would you wear a breast cancer sensing bra? Or even add a smart device to your bra that would be an early warning for breast cancer? I think this is stupid. The premise is that self exam and mammogram compliance is not 100% that this way your bra or a gizmo attached to it can detect breast cancer early. Hmmm.... Nope. No way. Personally I wouldn't wear one if you paid me. I think it plays to...

  • Deadspin

    Every sports-themed cover of "Royals" is a no-good, stupid idea, but this one really takes the cake. What makes it so much worse than all the others? I'm gonna go ahead and say all of it. Read more...

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