Belfast Rioting

published 10/12/2012  by padraigomuireagain  YouTube
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  • BBC News

    A republican killer, whose licence has already been revoked, is given a 12-year sentence for removing a gun from the scene of rioting in Belfast.

  • Belfast Newsletter - News Feed

    Two men who became embroiled in a riot in the Ardoyne area of Belfast were both placed on probation yesterday after appearing in court.

  • Seattle Post-Intelligencer

    To British fury, he kept Ireland neutral in World War II, barred Allied ships from Irish ports and sent condolences to Nazi Germany after Adolf Hitler's death. Northern Ireland, with its Protestant government and security forces, maintained a peace built on inequality. When Catholics demanded equality in employment, housing and votes in the 1960s, Protestant followers of the Rev. Ian Paisley...

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