Two Boys One Sack

published 11/11/2012  by MarcusButlerTV  YouTube
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    I still, two years after the end of the Beach Boys’ reunion tour, get people coming to my blog looking for an answer to this question. I thought it probably worth laying out the facts for those people. The simple answer: he didn’t. For the longer answer, read on. At the end of the Beach […]


    Randy got back from visiting Rachel (my honorary daughter) in Norway. He took her a few books from me for baby Leon and some handmade dishcloths and a candle for Rachel. In turn, they sent home some Indian food (chicken mahkani--delicious in a box, why oh why don't we have it here in the USA?) and some fabric. They discovered if they go to the secondhand store they can find fabric for semi decent...

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    Requesting that civil servants provide financial details about payments made to named individuals who just happened to be opposition AMs was a pretty silly thing for Alun Davies to have done. His resultant sacking as a Minister was inevitable, particularly given the way in which he’d been ‘let off’ another misdemeanour just hours beforehand. As the First Minister more or less said, i t’s hard to...

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