What's The Most Dangerous Place on Earth?

published 20/01/2013  by Vsauce  YouTube
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    TONGCHUAN, CHINA -- World leaders are gathering Tuesday at the United Nations in New York City, hoping to talk their way out of decades of gridlock on climate change. The high-minded proclamations will make international headlines, but the reality is they matter little compared with what's happening in places like Tongchuan, a dusty, smog-shrouded city in the beating black heart of Chinese coal...

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    That's how former President and First Lady In-Waiting Bill Clinton described the DMZ between Best Korea and South Korea (although he's never been there). But yes, it's a pretty intensely fortified two mile-wide strip of land that extends 155 miles...

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    Arxiv - On the role of GRBs on life extinction in the Universe As a copious source of gamma-rays, a nearby Galactic Gamma-Ray Burst (GRB) can be a threat to life. Using recent determinations of the rate of GRBs, their luminosity function and properties of their host galaxies, we estimate the probability that a life-threatening (lethal) GRB would take place. Amongst the different kinds of GRBs,...

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