The Debt Limit Explained

published 21/01/2013  by CGPGrey  YouTube
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    Spokesmen for the ruling party and the opposition does not agree on the magnitude of the impact it will have on the local economy if the country falls into default, although all agreed that it will not be as tragic as the default 2002. The country entered this week in the countdown to reach an agreement with the holdouts to avoid falling into a new default on the public debt, but uncertainty...

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    Macedonia’s government is to consider proposed constitutional amendments that would effectively ban same-sex marriage

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    Just as they promised (and acting unilaterally as Europe declined to go along with The White House), President Obama has unleashed a set of 'sectoral' sanctions to wreak havoc in Russia. The sanctions include the standard travel bans but adds rules that block several of Russia's largest firms from American debt markets. The plan - to restrict funding availability for Russian firms to under...

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