Microsoft : Do you know this guy?

published 29/11/2012  by internetexplorer  YouTube
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    "...Imagine what the public response would be if the Iraq Veteran suffering PTSD had been killed." Former Secret Service director Ralph Bashman knows exactly what yesterday's hearing would have been about if the Secret Service had shot Iraq veteran, Omar Gonzalez. Of course, with a name like 'Gonzales', Deliverance Boy and the other haters on the panel wouldn't have really cared but there is...

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    No that is not County Commissioner Javier Souto sitting up in his coffin. It is him sleeping on the dais in September. He is waaay past his prime and pretty much an embarrassment. But he was on the right side of the ban on fences in front yards, the ordinance Lynda Bell got repealed. That should be revisited. Good to know how alert the guy is. The public must have been speaking, he is all ears...

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    Kids at Bridger Elementary got to see up-close a rare artifact preserved for all time Monday — the pants that Jared Fogle, affectionately known as “The Subway Guy,” wore at his peak weight of 425 befo

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