Girls Aloud - Beautiful 'Cause You Love Me

published 05/12/2012  by GirlsAloudVEVO  YouTube
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    Don't you just love the chance to slow down and do the things you love in the summer? I have loved spending time with my mama. Here we are in our sun hats ~ ☀ We're building a house and where the water is on the floor is our kitchen ☂ :-) The scripture I keep thinking of that keeps reminding me that my attitude will be so important in our home (and now) is Psalm 127:1: {I should have read it more...

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    Beautiful Books for Babies by Susan Stephenson, www.thebookchook.com It's important for the very young to have books read to them, and to have books of their own to read, play with, and yes, chew. If you're looking for a book for a young child or baby, or you need a book about a baby, you've come to the right place. How I Love You From my review : "How I Love You would be an inspired choice for...

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    I was recently inspired by a video that was made by Virgie Tovar , in which she wrote a letter to her former fat girl self and read it aloud. As someone that is very interested in self-love and healing, I thought this would be a really great thing to do to help me make peace with my past. Here's my video and below is a copy of the letter: Dear Erin, You're starting to get into the wonderful world...

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