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    You've really gotta love/completely despise Teresa Giudice. The Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member could be facing years in jail for financial fraud . She's lucky to be a free woman at the moment, let alone someone earning six figures for starring on a reality show. But Giudice still has something to whine about: she feels exploited by Bravo! According to a Radar Online source, Teresa...

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    Orange certainly IS the new black! I have always had a huge crush on orange. It just makes me happy. It instantly makes a space positive, energizing and warm. I love combining orange with grounding colors such as brown, navy and tan, or together with turquoise and purple, it forms my favorite mid-century color combination. But orange [...]

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    Tomorrow, Celeste (aka Average Jane ) and I are heading to San Jose for BlogHer 14. We both attended the first one in 05 and have attended many more after that (although, I missed 07, 12, and 13). BlogHer 05 appealed to me because I was 7 months pregnant with my oldest child at the time and I saw the conference as a fun trip to take with Celeste before I became shackled with the duties of a...

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