Is Your Red The Same as My Red?

published 17/02/2013  by Vsauce  YouTube
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    Craig's 2014 is not going well, but his past suggests the Red Sox did the right thing. Allen Craig is having a rough 2014 season. He's hit just .237/.291/.346 and has already struck out 77 times in 398 plate appearances. That's not an absurd amount of whiffing, but it's more than Craig's used to, and the line is even further from his norm. In spite of that, the Red Sox picked him up with a...

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    Today's links cover some of the rumors surrounding Jon Lester, Stephen Drew and Mike Carp. Jon Lester is probably the biggest story around the entire league this trade deadline, and it probably should have never gotten to this point. ( Rob Bradford; WEEI.com ) Is it entirely fair to say Boston lowballed Lester, though? ( Dave D'Onofrio; Boston.com ) It has got to be a strange feeling being in the...

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    The knit scraps box had enough of this fun print, that with careful cutting I was able to get a whole tee out of the same fabric. I also made a sunglasses case (protects from scratches in your bag) and a hair scrunchie, from some of the scraps leftover form the turquoise tee. I will try and think of some more uses for knit scraps. Anything smaller than this probably should just get thrown away,...

    31/07/2014 - 22:11
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